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ACCOUNT 경력자를 모집합니다.

페이지 정보

작성자 신세기 댓글 0건 조회 334회 작성일 18-12-25 16:35


글로벌 통합 물류 회사 인 LOTTE Global Logistics 에서 ACCOUNT를 모집합니다.

SALARY: SGD 48,000 / year. (Negotiable depending on years of experience)

LOTTE Global Logistics는 조달, 보관 ,운송 시스템 및 국제적으로 다양한 물류 자원을 갖춘 고객 친화적 통합 물류 회사입니다.

Job Scope:

- Be able to close the account monthly and yearly.

- Prepare and review monthly and yearly management reporting to Headquarters (Korea)

- Manage and liaise with auditor and tax agent for statutory reporting and compliance of tax filling respectively.

- Prepare and compile monthly/ yearly management and financial reports.

- Liaise with headquarters staff on reports (Korean staff)

- Liaise with auditors for internal and external audit.

- Other ad-hoc as assigned by the management.

Job Requirement:

- Degree in Accountancy/ Finance or equivalent.

- Proficient in Microsoft Office

- Minimum 3 years relevant experience

- Good teamwork and working attitude.

- Strong written and spoken in English, Chinese and Korean preferable.

문의: 신세기유학원 025859898


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